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PLEASE understand the structure of our market before you place an order…

This is NOT a location where vendors are set up for you to shop… they only drop off items our registered customers have pre-ordered!!

However, we stock a variety of frozen and canned meats (beef, pork, chicken), maple syrup, honey, garlic, and mustard, so we do welcome drop-ins – vendors also bring extra seasonal produce each week thru the summer!!


4:00-5:30pm – Regular market pickup inside First Place

5:00-6:00pm – Curbside pickup with no contact option

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Questions? Email Jennifer at miamicountylocallygrown@gmail.com :-)

We are CLOSED the first Tuesday of every month, so no Market pick-up on the following dates:
Tuesday November 2nd
Tuesday December 7th

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Sampler - Beef and Pork Seasoned Meats
Grower: Phil Buehler & Matt Buehler Farms
Price: $23.00 ( 4lbs - one lb of each )
Available (Exact): 6

1lb Bratwurst - seasoned ground beef; 1lb Mild Itation - seasoned ground beef; 1lb Breakfast - seasoned ground pork sausage; ... more
Sampler - Broth and Soup Medley
Grower: Phil Buehler & Matt Buehler Farms
Price: $33.00 ( 9lbs total - 1 pork hock, 1 beef oxtail, chicken back, beef soupbones )
Available (Exact): 2

Flavorful combo pack of all the essentials to make beef, chicken, and pork stock! Medley includes - 1 beef oxtail, ... more
Sampler - Pork - Non-GMO, pasture raised
Grower: Hidden Springs Farm
Price: $25.00 ( Average 4.5lbs - 1 pkg each - bacon, 2pk pork chops, sausage )
Available (Exact): 1

3pkgs, average of 1.5lbs each of the following - ground sausage, thick cut bacon, 2-pack bone-in pork chops! Great for ... more