Chez Nous Farm

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Chez Nous Farm began red raspberry production in May of 2018, when 230 bare root primocanes were planted in grow bags on the 17th. The construction of a 30′ × 96′ high tunnel was completed in June. 2018 is the so-called establishment year, and production next year will increase by at least 80% in an 8 week season beginning in late June of 2019. A second, smaller harvest will occur in early October, made possible by the protection of the high tunnel.

I have been very diligent about caring for the soil, beginning with a detailed soil test that measured biological diversity as well as mineral and nutrient availability. Foliar applications of nutrients included what was recommended from the soil analysis; all ingredients in the foliar applications are basic mineral and organic matter supplements. Amazingly, I have had negligible problems with predatory insects or diseases.

I am adamantly opposed to use of synthetic chemicals in any form, and will always look for natural remedies for plant and animal diseases that come along. I also firmly believe that similar to having our own strong immune system to resist human disease (through real food!), soil that is biologically active and well mineralized is the best defense against predation pressures, and may sometimes obviate the need for counter measures.

Caroline McColloch, Proprietor

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