Rosy Toes Designs


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I believe in creating long lasting fiber art that is meant to be loved and used on a daily basis. Using wool, alpaca and re-purposed materials, I create one of a kind bags, accessories, toys and eco friendly housewares. My latest joy is dryer balls that are not only functional, but fun to use as well. Whenever possible, I source my materials from local farmers, as well as small artisans. A favorite is Innisfree on the Stillwater (a vendor here at The Market) for my wool roving.

I have been developing my craft since 1994, when I first taught myself how to knit. In 2002, I started experimenting with felting and fell in love with the process. I love how the fiber transforms and how each piece is a little different. You never know quite what the result will be. My workshop has become a family operation, with my two daughters (13 and 16) helping with the creating, as well as the business side of things. I love how I am able to pass on this passion to them.

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