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New pies from Farmhouse Bakery!!

The Farmhouse Bakery has added FOUR new 9" pies to the Market!! Of course made from scratch with as many local ingredients as possible!




Mixed Berry – loaded with a mix of Raspberry, Strawberry, Blueberry and Blackberry!!

Check out all our Baked goods and Desserts – baked the day of Pickup?? Can’t get more fresh than that!!

We close tonight at 9pm – and will take a one week break over Thanksgiving!!

Fridge Update, Rosy Toes gone til 2021!

Here’s where we stand on replacing our refrigerator – Good, amazing, incredible news? We’ve raised over $1,500!

The sad news? We were waiting on hearing back from Hobart after Ed Bucher, with FUMC and the Food Pantry, had purchased new units for the Pantry and contacted them in our behalf to see if they’d be willing to also give us a deal! By the time the decision came back from Corporate, it did not go in our favor :-(

So we definitely are still gratefully, humbly accepting donations to raise the money to purchase at least a used commercial unit – we’re looking at $2,450 for a unit the size of our old one, and we’ll get there!

We’ll remain unable to offer you any eggs or refrigerated baked goods such as Carmen’s famous cream pies and pumpkin rolls, and we’ll have to limit our meat offerings as well – at the suggestion of Miami County Public Health, we were using the bottom of our fridge to store the cases and larger orders of meat from vendor drop-off to customer pickup!

This is the last week Rosy Toes Designs will be on the Market this year! Take a look at her Dryer Balls, whether whimsically adorable or practical, for gifts or a treat for yourself!

The Market will not reopen for orders this Tuesday Nov 24 after pickup – we’re closed for our scheduled one week break – so no Market pickup Tuesday Dec 1st!!

Thank you all for your continued kindness and support!

Get ready for Thanksgiving :-)

There’s still time to order your fresh (never frozen!), Non-GMO Turkey from King’s Poultry Farm!! Pickup for ALL turkey orders will be 5-6pm next Tuesday, Nov 24 at First Place :-)

Pumpkin Patch is offering their Light Amber Clover Honey in TWO new sizes!! Glass half pints, and adorable Honey Bears – just in time for Holiday gifts!!

And the Organic pastas from 6635 StudeBaker are Back on the Market this week!!

Happy Shopping – and thanks for your continued support of our Local farmers and artisans!! You give us all something to be Thankful for!!

Short and Sweet - we're Open!

Davidson Family Growers now has two Lettuce Mixes to offer – one with three Green varieties, and a gourmet Bistro Mix of Red and Green favorites!

A big thanks to Brette from the Grumpy Goat Experiment (love that name!) and Carmen of The Farmhouse Bakery for all their volunteered efficiency helping me get everything organized for our big Market week! What a way to come back from a Break!

And if you were lucky enough to get to sample one of Carmen’s buttery Brioche donuts tonight at Pickup, guess what? They’re on the Market!! Melt in your mouth Magic :-)

Organic Raspberries!!

It may be November but Chez Nous Farm in Piqua STILL has fresh red raspberries to harvest!! Organically raised! AMAZING!

We close tonight at 9 ;-)

Spinach, Squash, and The Farmhouse Bakery!

Everyone’s favorite Spinach is Back from Simple Living Farm in Piqua!

Plus more Acorn, Butternut, Spaghetti, and Winter Squash from Marrs Produce in Piqua!

Did you see all the new varieties of Bagels the Grumpy Goat Experiment is now offering? Blueberry, Tomato Asiago, Onion, Cranberry Walnut, Cinnamon Raisin – in addition to their old favorites such as Everything, Plain, and Sesame! Truly something for everyone!

And the Farmhouse Bakery is even back this week with the best pies around, gluten free goodies, and more!!

We’re Open till 9pm Saturday :-)

We're OPEN!

Delighted to be Back!!

Thanks to Karen and Jessica at Pop-up in Troy for offering us a temporary albeit ultra classy home! They were gracious enough to let us use their gorgeous space so we could get orders to the customers who had already shopped before we were informed we couldn’t use First Place for Market Pickup Oct 20th!!

We’re excited tonight to welcome Dutch Roost Farm back to the Market with her beloved Grandma Bensman’s Pie Pumpkins!!! I just cooked a few of these beauties down for pie, custard, butter, and bread – I have to tell you it is the sweetest, and orange-est pumpkin I have ever seen!! Yum and Wow!!

Thanks for your patience and support during our unexpected hiatus – I loved the extra time with my family, but I missed you, and I’ll hope to see you Tuesday!

Happy Election Night :-)

Market Pickup POSTPONED

The First United Methodist Church of Troy has closed today for two weeks – this unfortunately includes their First Place Christian Center building where we hold our Virtual Market pick-ups on Tuesdays!

Our weekly Tuesday Market pick-up must be postponed until Tuesday November 3rd.

So many of you have already placed an order for this current week, and expected to pick up your order this upcoming Tuesday Oct 21st – we’ll keep those orders open and active for pick-up on Tuesday Nov 3rd instead!

If you cannot pick-up your order on Tuesday November 3rd and need to cancel or change it, please just email me at and I’ll be happy to take care of everything!

Moving to a different temporary location is regretfully not an option, as our food license is restricted to First Place. And since this is fall in Ohio, we don’t believe the feasibility of an outdoor pickup would be wise :-)

We will, however, continue to take orders for two items only:

The Holiday Wreath-Making Class on Saturday October 24th, 5-7pm at Honey Creek Farm – limited space available! Payment will be taken when you come to the class!

Pre-orders for Fresh, Non-GMO Thanksgiving Turkeys from King’s Poultry Farm (this is a pick-up we can guarantee even if the building is closed!)

I will update you as soon as I have more information, and apologize for the inconvenience and abruptness, although I think we have all had to, like it or not, accept a new fluidity with regular, sudden changes and adjustments in so many aspects of life.

Wishing you all a warm and restive weekend!

What a Night!!

What an exciting Market week!! We see the return of beloved veggies and seasonal treats!!

Broccoli, spinach and turnips, fresh and chemical free from Simple Living Farm!

Mucci’s Sweet Treats brings back her yummy Maple Pecan Fudge, Gingerbread Swirl Fudge, and Cinnamon Chip Pumpkin Cookies – Whoa!

Both McGuffey Herb and Spice Co and The Farmhouse Bakery will return soon :-).

More Squash, Pumpkins, and Chicken available!!

King’s Poultry has a wider variety of chicken now available on the Market!

Plus Marrs Produce added more spaghetti, acorn, and butternut squash!

And Rosy Toes Designs returned with an assortment of her wool dryer balls!!

We close tonight at 9pm :-)