6635 StudeBaker, "History in the Baking"


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There’s “History in the Baking” at 6635 StudeBaker – Virtual Farm Stand and Home Bakery. We create wonderfully flavorful breads and bakery items (in a conventional oven) using methods and recipes from the 19th and 20th centuries, drawing on our extensive experience in hearth-baking, wood-fired cook stove baking, and baking in a wood-fired brick bake oven. We also use some fabulous modern recipes as well.

Certified organic flours and grains are used in breads baked at 6635 StudeBaker. Homemade hops-and-potato yeast (locally grown hops and organic potatoes), organic yeast, our own organic sourdoughs (including organic einkorn), a long rise, and hand-working the dough, all contribute to the flavor and texture of home-baked breads that are a delight to the eye and a treat for the taste buds.

Some gluten-free breads will also be offered, but, please note that these breads are baked in a non-gluten-free kitchen.

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