6635 StudeBaker, "History in the Baking"


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There’s “History in the Baking” at 6635 StudeBaker – Virtual Farm Stand and Home Bakery. We create wonderfully flavorful breads and bakery items (in a conventional oven) using methods and recipes from the 19th and 20th centuries, drawing on our extensive experience in hearth-baking, wood-fired cook stove baking, and baking in a wood-fired brick bake oven. We also use some fabulous modern recipes as well.

Certified organic flours and grains (freshly milled) are used in breads baked at 6635 StudeBaker. Homemade hops-and-potato yeast (locally grown hops and organic potatoes), organic yeast, our own organic sourdoughs (including organic einkorn and rye), a long rise, and hand-working the dough, all contribute to the flavor and texture of home-baked breads that are a delight to the eye and a treat for the taste buds.

“I’m going to make you bread like you’ve never seen before, and in this bread there will be love and friendship”.
—"La Femme du Boulanger", Marcel Pagnol

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