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Holiday Wreath Making Class from Honey Creek Farm!!

Save the date! Sign up for a 5pm Holiday Wreath Making Class, Saturday October 24th, that May from Honey Creek Farm will teach and host in the barn of her lovely Tipp City farm!!

We’ve adored May’s gorgeous wreaths she’s sold on the Market at Christmastime – with her class you’ll be able to make yourself a beautiful wreath in time for Halloween, Thanksgiving, AND Christmas – at a steal of a price!

Here’s her description of this new opportunity!!

“The Holiday Wreath Class will begin with a demonstration on how to make a wreath out of grapevines. There will also be premade wreaths ready for each participant to decorate!

Participants may bring anything they have collected (pinecones, dried seed pods or flowers, any small decorations, or ribbon) if they choose but it isn’t necessary. There will be greens, dried grasses, pinecones, and other little treasures available, collected from our farm!

We will discuss what items can be collected for wreath making. Participants will learn how to secure greens and other items to their wreath and how to spruce up some of the dried decorations. We will even learn how to make bows from loose ribbon for the final touch!

At the end of the class you will have a beautiful wreath, that you made, to take home and enjoy!"

Look under the Classes and Workshops section on The Market to sign up today!!

Crescent, Cinnamon and Dinner Rolls!! Plus...

All kinds of exciting additions to the Market tonight!!

Walker Cabin Farm now has her extensive inventory available!! From Cinnamon rolls, soft dinner rolls, and Crescent rolls to English Muffins, Pumpkin Bread, Pretzel Bites and Garlic Pretzel Twists!! Wow!!

Plus we Welcome Back both Green Fins with her organically grown aquaponic Romaine, and 6635 StudeBaker with her wide variety of sourdough breads and pastas, always made with Organic ingredients!

Plus Golden Acre Cabbages from JM Gardens, and Green Butter Lettuce and Microgreens from Simple Living Farm!!

Stay tuned for a fantastic class opportunity from Honey Creek Farm – I can’t wait!!

Spaghetti Squash, Pie Pumpkins, and more!!

Now on the Market from Marrs Produce in Piqua – chemical free Spaghetti, Acorn, and Butternut Squash!!

Plus sweet Sugar Pie Pumpkins – great for storing and cooking!!


Just a heads up – we’ll be taking the first Tuesday off for the next three months – October, November, December!!

So we will NOT reopen for orders next Tuesday September 29th after pick-up :-)

Mucci’s Sweet Treats is offering TWO Specials, This Week Only, with all proceeds from her Specials being donated to our Fridge Fund!! Check out the WEEKLY SPECIALS category on The Market for her Gourmet Brownies and Spectacular Cookies!!

6635 StudeBaker is on vacation this week, so she’ll return with us when we reopen for orders Tuesday October 6th!

Happy Fall!!

We passed the $1,100 mark with your donations for our replacement fridge fund, and if everything works out, we’ll have eggs back on the Market by October!!

Thank you sincerely to everyone who has so generously contributed – everything from customers rounding up your payment to the next dollar to vendors requesting I not pay them for this week’s sales and put it toward the new fridge instead.

At a time when things such as kindness and hope are needed more than ever, you give a true sense of what community can and should be all about. I love my family, and there’s nowhere I’d rather be than home on our farm, ever – it’d take an extraordinarily special group of people to get me away from my husband and children on a weekly basis – and you folks are it. Thank you all for allowing me to be part of this community we’ve created and you’ve sustained.

You are amazing

A staggering $914.20. That’s how much you’ve donated to help us purchase a commercial refrigerator. Brand new 35 cubic foot units can cost several thousand dollars – but if the repairman was correct and we can find a used fridge for $1,200, we’re almost there!

I just can’t even believe this. I’m at a loss for words when Thank You seems inadequate. $.17 here, $.83 there – you’ve kept us going from the beginning with your help every week, once in a while, when you could… But tonight? That’s just a lot of money. I told my husband after the repairman left that I wasn’t sure we could recover in the near future. I continue to be humbled by this wonderful group of kind, considerate, gracious people.

We have several good helpers searching out and following up leads on both new and used refrigerators (please remember because we’re a licensed Retail Food Establishment with Miami County Public Health, it must be a commercial unit) so with your help we hope to find the right fit as soon as possible.

This week 6635 StudeBaker is offering the proceeds from her full and half size Sourdough pan loaves toward our fridge purchase, so check out the listings under WEEKLY SPECIALS.

And several favorites return to the Market this week – from JM Gardens’ Kennebec Potatoes, Pumpkins, and Decorative Gourds to Radishes and Microgreens from Simple Living Farm.

Thank you for being a part of our Market family, and for your commitment to shopping Local with us. We truly appreciate you, and want to continue to serve you as best as we can.

No Fridge? No Eggs!

We have a major problem – our fridge bit the dust. The repairman (kudos to Craig Hughes of Tin Roof Mobile Food for always knowing the right guy to call in any situation!) smiled knowingly at me as I paid him to tell me my options were to put $1,000 into a new compressor, more money than she was worth, or buy another used unit.

Until we raise enough money to replace it, we have nowhere to legally store Eggs and certain Baked Goods such as the Cream Pies!!

Not only that, but because our fridge was double the size of our commercial freezer, at the suggestion of Miami County Public Health, we were using the bottom of the double fridge to store all of the meat sold each week! Double whammy!

After paying our rent, health department license, and expenses to date, we have no extra funds to purchase a new appliance this year… the 3% fee paid by customers on every order goes directly to the webmaster, and the vendors contribute 10% of their sales, along with the donations we take in from customers on the website or in person at pick-up.

As a “not for profit” but not actually a non-profit, we are ineligible for funds from wonderful area organizations such as the Troy Foundation or the Miami County Foundation.

And unfortunately both J & S Buehler and Hidden Springs Farm have second batches of chickens who are now laying steady and ready to supply us with more eggs than ever before – that for the foreseeable future, we cannot sell! :-(

Thank you for your patience and support while we find a workable solution!

Anyone willing to donate to our fridge fund, we’ll love you more than we already do :-)

Here’s hoping everything goes smoothly for everyone else the rest of the week!!

UPDATE: Miami County Farmer's Market in Troy

I have been asked questions on a weekly basis this summer if I knew anything about the Miami County Farmer’s Market, which for the last several years has set up in the Troy Lowe’s parking lot with a staunchly and applaudably loyal customer base (previously they were at the Friendly’s!) – and I was so excited to finally have positive news to share!!

Yet it was not meant to be…

After the regional manager of Lowe’s denied them the continued use of their parking lot for this season, even though Farmer’s Markets have been considered “essential” throughout the changes due to the virus, their market manager and vendors had been searching for alternatives, and last week thought they had found success.

Alas, we are saddened to have to report that their license application with the City of Troy to host their Farmer’s Market in a new location was rejected by the Zoning and Planning Board.

We are grateful to have Doc Allen on the Market with his famous varietal honey, and occasionally Marrs Produce in Piqua, but will certainly pass along the good news should a new location be found and approved for the remainder of the summer and early fall season!!

Piqua Farmer's Market TODAY!

Only two weeks left for the Piqua Farmer’s Market this season!! Head over to High Street in front of the Piqua Library from 3-6pm!!

Next week is their final Market of 2020!!

Then Saturday check out the Cherry St Local farmers market 9-12, downtown Troy (Cherry St, of course!) thru the end of September!

Congratulations to our Winners!

Breakfast #1 Basket – Ruthie Myers

Breakfast #2 Basket – Walt Pemberton

Great Grilling #1 Basket – Pam Hull

Great Grilling #2 Basket – Ronnie Witmer

Homemaker #1 Basket – Erin Luring

Homemaker #2 Basket – Jean Ward

Scrumptious Salad Basket – Brenda Carroll

Herbal Tea Basket – Angie Purdy

Special Little Extras #1 – Ceal Turnbull

Special Little Extras #2 – Sonja Besecker

Easy Dinner Basket – Nancy Brogden

Chicken Dinner Basket – Sue Garretson

CONGRATULATIONS to our winners! Please pick up your winnings at Pickup this Tuesday September 1st, 4:30-7pm :-). Any questions, just email me at!

Thanks to everyone for entering!! We’ll look forward to our next Giveaway – this was so fun!!