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Doc Allen now has his Early Honey on the Market!

The lightest and most delicate of his varietal honey’s, this early raw honey from acacia and locust tree nectar is truly unique – and delicious! Considered the premier mid-western honey!

Plus brand new on the Market this week – Grumpy Goat Experiment has both Cabbage and Fennel to offer!

And several more cuts of Chicken available from Michael’s Pastured Poultry!

Happy Shopping, and Thanks for staying Local with your food dollars!! We appreciate your support :-)

And the big winners are...

CONGRATULATIONS to the five winners of our Father’s Day Giveaway!

Jim Bowell – Sweet Treats

George Dillow – Chuck Roast

Marvin Huffman – Pork Roast

Bill Johnson – Perfect Produce

Mike Nagra – Bountiful Breakfast

Thank you to everyone who entered – and watch for our annual anniversary Giveaways for August, the month the Virtual Market opened back in 2016!!

Not only that, but the Refer-a-Friend program continues – one customer at the end of each month is drawn, from those who’ve refered someone to our Market, for a Virtual Market gift certificate!!

We love our customers, and appreciate your support :-). Thank you!!

Cherry Street Local Farmer's Market TOMORROW!

The Farmer’s Market season opens TOMORROW in Troy for Cherry Street Local!

Stop by 9am-Noon on Cherry Street, just west of the downtown Square, between Main and Franklin Streets! They’re open every Saturday morning til the end of September!

Can’t beat fresh local goodness!

Last Week to Enter our Father's Day Giveaway!

We’ll draw the FIVE winners of our Father’s Day Giveaway after Market closes Saturday night!

Enter while you can :-)
Just ladies please leave the name of your father or husband – I think it’d look ridiculous if I say, And the winners of our FATHER’S Day Giveaway are… Susan, Leonore, Daisy, Mary, and Evelyn!

Apple Brats Special, Beef Kabobs, Coconut Cream Pies, and More!

New 20% Special this week from King’s Poultry – over $1/lb off their delicious, Non-GMO Apple Chicken Bratwurst! If you haven’t tried, you’re in for a surprising treat!!

Also great for the grill – the Buehler’s Beef Kabobs and Smoked Pork Chops!! Mmmm :-)

And The Farmhouse Bakery is now offering their incredible Coconut Cream Pies in full size! 9" of decadence!

Stay cool this week – easy meals, fresh garden fare, and some serious running thru the sprinkler are on our agenda this week – makes pea-picking fly by, especially with all those little hands, although by the time we’re done, their bellies are full and our buckets are empty!! What gives?!

Plenty of things we’ll have enough to can, freeze and dry for later – but peas? Never! That garden candy was meant to be enjoyed fresh ;-)

NEW Strawberry Delights from Farmhouse!

Strawberry season is almost upon us!!

And Carmen at The Farmhouse Bakery is gearing up -

She’s just added Strawberry Crumble Bread, Strawberry Pop Tarts, and Shortcakes to her Market offerings!!

And a special Thanks to Carmen for all the delicious samples she brought to the last Market pickup – only problem? She ran out of extras for sale a lot faster than samples (and once you’ve had a sample, you’re definitely looking to buy one, even if it doesn’t make it home!!)

Valid Father's Day entries...

Thank you to everyone who has already entered our Father’s Day Giveaway! Wow!

But Ladies, please do me a favor – as this is supposed to be a treat for Father’s Day, it’s the Fathers who are supposed to enter :-)

If you’re the Mom, Wife, or Daughter who has a Father to enter, please leave the name of the Father in the comments of your order, or simply email me – I’ll put those Father’s names in the drawing and announce them as the Winners (not necessarily the names attached to your account!) :-)

Thanks for entering, thanks for understanding, and thanks for supporting our local Market families and businesses!

Enter our Father's Day Giveaway!!

Two weeks only!!

Enter one (or all!) of our FIVE Giveaways, in honor of Father’s Day!!

Any of our wonderful Market fathers are eligible to enter – simply visit the MCLG category and add any of the Giveaways to your shopping cart!

Up for grabs are the following…

A Chuck Roast from Bair Trax Dairy and their Certified Organic, pastured herd!!

A Pork Shoulder Roast, Non-GMO and pasture raised from Hidden Springs Farm!

Bountiful Breakfast -
Dozen eggs – J & S Buehler
Breakfast Sausage – End of the Road Farm
Coffee Cake – The Farmhouse Bakery
Strawberry Jam – Honey Creek Farm
Fresh Raspberries – Chez Nous Farm

Sweet Treats
Pint raw honey – Pumpkin Patch
Orange Marmalade – Honey Creek Farm
Herbal Jelly – Rosemary’s Garden
1/2 dozen gourmet brownies – Mucci’s Sweet Treats

Perfect Produce
Bistro Lettuce Mix – Davidson Family Growers
Swiss Chard and Kale Mix – Decker Indoor Farms
Microgreens – Simple Living Farm
Mushrooms – Rosy Toes Designs
Herb Dressing Mix – McGuffey Herb and Spice Co.
Tomatoes if they grow in time!!

Winners will be drawn Saturday June 12th after Market closes at 9pm, announced on the Weblog email Sunday June 13th, and may claim their prizes during Market pickup 4-6pm the following Tuesday, June 15th!

If anyone of our female customers would like to enter their husbands or fathers, just let me know the name of the father you’re entering in the giveaway, so the winners can be announced by name!

Good luck, happy shopping, and Thank You for being part of our Local Market!

And Thank You to our vendors for donating all the gift basket items!

Memorial Day

Memorial Day was established after the Civil War as a day
to remember and honor
all the men and women who have died in service to our country.

Services all over Miami County are planned for today at area cemeteries, as well as parades in Piqua, West Milton, Casstown, and Christiansburg, honoring the original purpose of Memorial Day – to remember all (now more than 1.3 million) who’ve died while serving in our armed forces.

And the Miami Valley Veterans Museum is proud to announce at 1pm today the Ohio Motor Pool of military vehicles will arrive at the new Museum location – 2245 South Co Rd 25A in Troy! The public is encouraged to welcome the convoy of military vehicles at the Museum and greet convoy members. Please allow time to view our many displays and see the authentic wooden Higgins Boat (LCVP)!!

The Museum is open today 11am-5pm, with a short memorial service held at 2pm. The Miami Valley Veterans Museum is a non-profit whose mission is to honor, preserve, and perpetuate the legacy of Miami Valley Veterans – a fascinating place for all ages, as my family of seven will attest.

In 1915 Mona Michael penned the following lines and started the tradition of wearing red poppies on Memorial Day to honor all of those who’ve died serving the USA

“We cherish too, the Poppy red
That grows on fields where valor led,
It seems to signal to the skies
That blood of heroes never dies.”

Piqua, Sidney Farmer's Markets OPEN this Week!

We may be Closed for orders this week, but two great area farmer’s markets OPEN this week for the summer season!!

The Piqua Community Farmer’s Market is OPEN Thursdays 3-6pm as of this Thursday May 27th!! Lots of events and contests planned weekly throughout the season! Be sure to say hi to one of our favorite Night Market vendors – those darling Domestic Divas!

Drop by High Street in Piqua right in front of beautiful Fort Piqua Plaza, and stop in the wonderful library while you’re at it (the summer reading club starts next week, June 4th!)

And the Sidney Farmer’s Market opens this Saturday May 29th 8am-12pm, around the entire Shelby County Courthouse!

Don’t miss the chance to say hello to the Grumpy Goat Experiment – the least grumpy farmers you’ll find!

When the farmer’s markets start to open, you know summer officially is on the way!!