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Chicken Patties, Brats, more produce, and a Pork Sausage Special!

Tonight we see the return of many favorites from King’s Poultry, including cheddar jalapeno brats, ground chicken sausage, chicken patties, sweet Italian sausage links, and more!!

Plus a Special this week on Phil and Matt’s famous Salt and Pepper Sausage – 5lbs for $23!!

And Michael’s Pastured Poultry is on Vacation this week only as he readies for the Miami County Fair!! Good luck, Michael!!

Last week of the Honey sale!!

Both quarts and pints of the raw Light Amber Honey from Troy’s Pumpkin Patch is still offered at a reduced price this week, but will return to regular price next week!!

Sale ends 9pm Saturday!!

We're Open for Orders with a new winner!!

Congratulations to Wanda Tremblay, our latest gift card winner from the Refer-a-Friend program!!

Keep those referrals coming for next month’s drawing!!

You have to love summer – sweet corn, zucchini, tomatoes, okra, peppers, garlic, green beans… And soon raspberries and potatoes!!

Happy shopping, and thanks for supporting our little local Market :-)

We close tonight at 9!!

Just a reminder we close tonight at 9pm!!

Becky’s Buckeye Naturals now has more shower fizzies available – both eucalyptus and lemongrass lavender, with peppermint to come!! Her version of a bath bomb for shower lovers does not disappoint!

Morningside Meadows Flower Farm has a few fresh cut bouquets available, with beautiful summer favorites including sunflowers they raise from seed!!

Soon we’ll welcome our newest vendor, very exciting!!

And next week we’ll see edamame on the market for the first time!!

Honey on sale!!

Not only is Pumpkin Patch back on the Market this week with their amazing Honey, but the Light Amber Honey is also on SALE!!

$1 off quarts and $.50 off pints :-)

We're Back with New Produce Offerings!!

Tonight we welcome back JM Gardens to the Market, with Zucchini and Cucumbers – and soon he’ll also have Sweet Corn and Potatoes!!

Honey Creek Farm added Okra, Eggplant, and Patty Pan Squash as well!!

Lots of summer favorites!! Grilled, roasted, raw – you can’t go wrong :-)

Recyclables?? Yes please!!

To answer the many questions regarding recyclables, Yes! We are accepting recyclables of almost any kind -

Egg cartons

Glass jars, with bands and lids

Produce containers

Plastic and paper bags

Laundry Butter and Lard plastic tubs

Flower pots

If you have any questions whether something would be appropriate to donate or give back to a vendor, feel free to email me at!

Market Closed Next Week!!

Place your orders while you can – we’ll be closed next week, just for one week!!

Pickup this Tuesday, July 21st, will run as normal – yet we will not reopen that night for orders!!

We’ll open the following Tuesday, July 28th, and remain open with no closures the month of August :-)

Last call for orders is Saturday night at 9pm!! Hope to see you at Pickup Tuesday – stay cool, kind, and safe!!

Garlic, green beans, tomatoes, squash... and Honey!!

How exciting when the new produce starts to arrive, while essential Honey also returns after a one week hiatus!!

Fresh green beans and Dragon Tongue beans

Heirloom tomatoes

Yellow summer squash and zucchini

Plus plenty of fresh garlic, herbs and greens!!

Ah, summer, we love you (and I’ll remember I said that during the heat set to come this week!!)

The beginning of our summer produce offerings!

Does this heat slow everyone else down, too? A slower, safer work pace, more checks on animals to ensure they’re watered and as cool as possible, more shade and drink breaks for us… And yet the site of beautiful, colorful produce keeps me going (nothing like a cool cucumber or melon on a hot day!)! Or the antics of my funny babies, whether human, bovine, hog, feline, or poultry, that bring a smile despite the gallons of sweat running off my nose. That all the young life on the farm can still take pleasure in simple things, despite the heat, helps me slow down and keep my glass overflowing with goodness.

Here’s hoping you all have something that helps you find a cozy, restful place no matter how uncomfortable life may be!