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We're OPEN for Orders!

Welcome Back to another Market week! Hoping everyone is doing well and enjoying the last of their summer before school starts – fall will be here before we know it!

King’s now is offering Cases of both their Chicken Thighs and Wings for sale – 15% off the regular thigh and wing price when you purchase a 15-pkg case! 15 one pound packages, Non-GMO, locally raised and processed!

New Dessert Breads from The Farmhouse Bakery – Chocolate Zucchini Cheesecake, and Blueberry Zucchini! Very summery!

And NEW farm fresh Tomatoes, Peppers, Okra, and Tomatillos from JM Gardens, Grumpy Goat Experiment, and Simple Living Farm! So many colors and sizes… meaty or juicy, hot or sweet… So many to try!!

Unexpected Closure

Unfortunately our family is dealing with some ongoing health problems -

I do apologize, but I need to keep the Market closed this week – I’m sure you all have had a time where something needed to give, and for my husband, children and I, this week it must be the Market.

I very much enjoyed seeing you all today, as usual – what a wonderfully pleasant, eclectic group of folks we have! Thank you for being a joy to work for.

Here’s hoping you all have a good week, stay safe with the heat, and if all works out we’ll open back up next Tuesday August 17th.

Take care, and we’ll simply continue to do what we can.

BOGO Ice Cream deal from Farmhouse!!

This week Only!! The first 10 customers who purchase a pint of Strawberry Ice Cream from the Farmhouse Bakery and Creamery may choose one of the following Pints to try… FREE!!

BUT! You MUST mention in the “comments to the grower” when you order your Strawberry pint, which of the following Free pints you choose :-)

Here are your six choices!

Almond Joy Ice Cream
Blueberry Ice Cream
Chocolate Ice Cream
Cookies ’n Cream Ice Cream
Coffee Lavender Ice Cream
Cookie Dough Caramel Ice Cream

What an awesome Welcome to August cool treat!!

And since they’ll be on vacation next week, this is the perfect time to satisfy your cool sweet treat cravings before they take a Market break!

Potatoes, Sweet Corn, Tomato Basil Chicken!

JM Gardens has white Kennebec and Ohio Red new potatoes, as well as sweet corn now on the Market!! Mmmm!!

Plus organic Fennel on Sale from the Grumpy Goat Experiment!

And 20% off Tomato Basil Chicken Patties this week only, from King’s Poultry Farm!

Welcome Back to another local week of delicious summer goodness :-)

15% off Cases of King's Chicken!!

Great news from King’s Poultry Farm…

They’ve just added Cases of several popular Non-GMO Chicken products to the Market – all 15% off when you purchase a full case!!

The Cases offered include -

Apple Brats (15pkgs per case)
Bone Broth (12 bottles per case)
Boneless Breasts (15pkgs)
Brats (15pkgs)
Drums (15pkgs)
Ground (15pkgs)
Large Cans (12 cans)
Patties (12pkgs)

Save on your favorites and stock up!

Our Refer-A-Friend Winner is...

Congratulations to Nancy Shaw, the latest Winner of our Refer-A-Friend Program!!

Simple – you tell your friends and family about the Market, they drop your name when they shop as the person who referred them to the Market, and we enter their name in our monthly drawing of a $10 Virtual Market gift certificate!

Keep those referrals coming – thank you for your support and helping us spread the word about our Local Market!


Just a reminder we will NOT reopen for orders next Tuesday July 27th! Normal delivery and pickup that day, but this week is your last chance to order before August 3rd!

After this Tuesday July 27th, the next Market pickup will be August 10th!

Plenty of time to still get your order in this week before we Close at 9pm Saturday :-)

King's Wings SALE, and Non-GMO Beef Steaks!!

This week only!! 20% off Chicken Wings from King’s Poultry Farm!!

Only $2.56 for more than a pound of Non-GMO, Local Wings? What a great summer deal!!

Plus Rib, Sirloin, and T-Bone Steaks from Hidden Springs Farm in Troy! Pasture Raised Beef, supplemented with Non-GMO feed!

Beets, Radishes, Zucchini, Sunflowers, and MORE

This week we welcome JM Gardens BACK to the Market, with Cabbages and Zucchini! Soon he’ll have sweet corn, potatoes, tomatoes and many other summer favorites!

Plus Beets, Radishes, Sunflowers, and Eggplant from Grumpy Goat Experiment, as well as three Garlic varieties from Simple Living Farm!

Brand New from Farmhouse?? Three different Zucchini breads – Blueberry, Cheesecake, and Chocolate! As well as Peach Cobbler! Mmmm :-)

Last but not least… Key Lime Fudge from Mucci’s Sweet Treats – now THAT screams summer, as much as the Mixed Berry, Mango, and Peach Sorbets from The Farmhouse Bakery and Creamery (both Gluten Free and Dairy Free)!

Honey! Back on the Market!!

We’re always Happy to have Doc Allen’s Pumpkin Patch back on the Market with his famous varietal Honeys!!

Plus new summer produce every week now!

And don’t forget – Piqua Farmer’s Market THIS AFTERNOON, Sidney and Troy on SATURDAY morning!