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Last chance to order before Easter!

This is our final March Market of the year!

Be sure to sign up for our Spring Giveaways! Look for the MCLG category under The Market tab on our website!

We’ll draw the 6 lucky winners after Market closes this Saturday evening, and prizes will be picked up next Tuesday March 30th!

Anyone who has placed a March Market order is eligible to win :-)

Good luck, happy shopping, and enjoy Spring!

Are you surviving Monsoon Season?

Ah, Spring – the glorious time of year that makes Mud the name of the game on the farm…

When you wonder where your preschooler ventured off to, only to find her boots stuck fast in the Mud up to her knees, singing to herself and waiting for someone to hear her (thank Heaven it wasn’t my nervous one who would have been a wreck!)…

When your husband calls and tells you not to come home because you’d need a canoe to get up the driveway…

When you look at the spaces where your garden should be and find it inconceivable anything could possibly grow there in the near future…

When your second grader says, “I’m heading out to make sure the sheep haven’t floated away” and he comes back in to show you his arms grew 6 inches (since yesterday, seemingly) and do I care if he comes in wet because his raincoat doesn’t fit?…

When your two year old stands forlornly staring at the rain beating the window, repeating, “Water. Eewwwwyy” ad nauseum.

I’m fresh out of words and positivity, folks. It’s all floated away ;-)

But wait! Could that be the sun?? It’s the makings of a beautiful day!

Greens Fins Returns to the Market!

How appropriate that our Aquaponic vendor, Green Fins, returns to the Market as I look out over our new lake with the creek breaking its banks!

You’ll find her chard, romaine, kale, and pak choi again available, chemical free and fertilized only from her hard-working little fish!

Stay safe and warm with all the rain and the wind – how wonderful Ohio keeps us on our toes!

And makes me even more glad for both new calves and piglets being born to keep us happily busy and distracted, and especially for our most recent discovery of new bunches of early spring flowers growing in unexpected spots – that’s I think one of my favorite charms of living on an old farmstead – annually discovering blooming beauties in the most random places!

Hope your rainy day is full of a bit of surprising beauty as well!

StudeBaker BACK, Chicken Patties SALE

6635 StudeBaker, “History in the Baking”, returns to the Market this week with her sourdough breads, pastas, and pizza crusts, always made with Organic flours and ingredients!

Chicken Patties are 20% off this week from King’s Poultry Farm – Non-GMO, unbreaded, convenient, and delicious!

And if you need a taste of Spring on this very Ohio dismal day, check out our fresh local Lettuces, Spinach, Arugula, Microgreens, Chard, and more!

Unexpected Blessings

I told a friend yesterday I had such a Blessed morning – I had two wisdom teeth pulled out, and I was so happy! She said it made her laugh to read those two sentences one right after the other, but it was true – the dentist hadn’t thought he’d be able to get them out but was willing to try, as he’d be cheaper than a surgeon, so I was thrilled it worked.

And my whole week has been like that. Tuesday’s Market was full of an unprecedented number of snafus, but they were all ironed out pleasantly and smoothly thanks to you all. The day of our highest percent chance for precipitation, the rains held off until we got the peas in the ground.

Best of all, when I got home from the dentist and attempted to lay on the couch, I discovered a surprising, in-home nurse – our almost two year old, who kept walking by patting my head whispering “Good Girl” (whether she meant me, or that she actually was trying to be good, who knows!) – every time I’d close my eyes, though, she’d jab a little finger in my eye, pry my lid up, and ask, “Mommy? Wake?” My favorite translation – what in the world are you doing, wasting a beautiful sunny day sleeping amid the circus that is our farm family?!

That alone should have been enough encouragement to keep my peepers peeping – yet I must have closed them again, because all of a sudden I felt something cold against my lips and was instantly drowned with our frigid well water. Apparently I looked thirsty in my swollen, lethargic state. And looking at her innocent face, holding her now empty cup and smiling at me, I couldn’t help bursting out laughing, thinking not even wisdom teeth could make me want to miss a minute of this.

We thought my dear Grandma was a pessimist, because when someone would say her glass was always half empty, she would shake her head and claim she didn’t even HAVE a glass. But now I realize I don’t have one either – there isn’t one large enough to fit all my Blessings.

I hope your weekend was full of a few unexpected, unprompted, amusing, and delightful Blessings, too, and as I get ready to close the Market at 9pm, I look forward, as always, to seeing you on Tuesday for a totally happy, hopeful afternoon. Thanks for being part of our Market family.

We're Open for Orders!

Large cans of non-GMO Chicken from King’s Poultry Farm – 20% off this week!!

We have pure Maple Syrup and Maple Sugar from Sugar Grove Maple Products – in glass, plastic, and bulk bargain sizes!

And be sure to enter one (or all!) of our Spring Giveaways – visit the MCLG category under The Market tab to see all the neat options!

It’s so encouraging to get outside and enjoy the beautiful weather while it lasts!! Watching those first Spring flowers pop up seems almost magical after all the snow and cold!!

Almost as exciting as the new life being born on the farm – what a thrilling time of year!!

Just 3 hours left!

I know how some of you love to wait until the last moment to order!

We close Tonight at 9pm :-)

And with Spring rapidly approaching, and many of us having a field day readying gardens as well as starting seeds, please let us know if there is something in particular you would like to see on the Market. It’s possible we have vendors current or new who would be receptive to growing what you’re looking for!

So feel free to shoot me an email at if you have an idea or request to share :-)


Enter to Win one of SIX Spring Giveaways!!!!

Enough of Old Man Winter – We’re excited for Spring!!

And in keeping with the joyous celebration that Spring and Easter bring, we have a new set of Prizes for you to enter and win!!

Here’s how it works – any customer who places an order now during March is eligible to enter… simply visit the MCLG category on our website, add any or all of our Giveaways to your cart, and when you checkout, you’re entered in the Drawing(s) of your choice!!

Place your order by Saturday, March 27th – Winners will be drawn Sunday, March 28th and will pick up their prizes during regular Market pickup hours (4-6pm) Tuesday March 30th (just in time for Easter!)

Thanks to all the vendors who donated items, as well as those who offered to donate for another Giveaway come SUMMER (I feel warmer just saying the word!) -

And a special thanks to my crafty Mom, who loves both making gorgeous flower arrangements and supporting her favorite (only) daughter’s marvelous Market!! I always sweetly suggest she make me new bouquets to giveaway, if she’ll only let me pay her – and I’m positive all the Mom’s on the Market know how that ends (she told me since she didn’t donate directly for the fridge, that this was her Market contribution and I had to accept!)

Up for grabs are the following:

Wooden Flower Arrangements – Three different, beautiful bouquets, handpainted and dyed! These lovelies will bring some happy color to your home, office, or even cheer up a friend/relative!

Breakfast Combo –
4pk English Muffins from Walker Cabin Farm
1lb Bulk Sausage from Phil and Matt Buehler Farms
Pint Maple Syrup from Sugar Grove Maple Products

Brats and Buns Combo –
8 New England Style Hot Dog Buns from Grumpy Goat Experiment
1lb Beef Brats from J & S Buehler Family Farm
1lb Chicken Brats from Michael’s Pastured Poultry

Chicken and Pasta Combo –
Large can Chicken from King’s Poultry Farm
1lb Pasta from 6635 StudeBaker
Normandy Cheese signature Herb Mix from McGuffey Herb and Spice Co.

Good Luck, Happy Shopping, and Thank you for your continued support of our Local Market!!

Ground Turkey, Marinated Chicken, and More!

New from King’s Poultry Farm!

20% off Bone Broth!!

Ground Turkey for the first time on the Market!

Marinated Chicken Breasts and Wingettes!

And as requested for a crisp, Keto snack – Chicken Skins! Similar to pork rinds, but lighter – and non-GMO!

Our Egg numbers are coming back up as we near Spring, more sunshine, and warmer weather!

Plus… Decker Indoor Farms now has several varieties of Microgreens available, including spicy and savory salad mixes!

And big news! Watch later in the week when we unveil our Spring Giveaway Baskets!! 6 winning customers now during March!! Can’t wait :-)

Last day to order for February!

Market closes tonight – and will be Closed for orders next week!

This is our new schedule – Closed the first Tuesday of every month!

So get your order in by 9pm tonight!

The forecast for Tuesday looks good – even warmer?! Woohoo! That’s almost as exciting as today’s sunshine! Better get our fill of sledding in while we can. I can feel Spring just around the corner ;-)