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Ohio Fish and Shrimp Festival, and Piqua Bike Fest!

Two big events this weekend…

Piqua Bike Fest, right downtown, finishes up today… it’s worth going to their website if only to check out the great WWI-era photos in front of the Piqua Milling Company with so many Harley Davidson bikers lined up!

Also, the 2016 Ohio Fish and Shrimp Festival kicked off yesterday at Freshwater Farms in Urbana, where our very own Tin Roof Mobile Food will be on hand to cook up cheesy grits and shrimp, fish chowder, and even their rockin’ ribeye steak sandwiches for your dining pleasure!

With live music and a ton of kids’ activities, the Festival runs tonight until 10pm, and tomorrow from 11-5pm…

Plenty of time to get home and place your virtual market order for the week by 8pm! :-)

We are Open for Orders! And Introducting...

Tonight we’ll extend a hearty welcome to Kevin Davidson of Davidson Family Growers in New Carlisle!

Kevin grows hydroponic produce, specifically greens, in a massive 44?×130?ft greenhouse, with another identical greenhouse going up in the near future!!

I didn’t expect such a large building, and having never seen a hydroponic operation, was so thankful for the amazing tour Kevin and his adorable son willing gave. The highlight of my night? When he asked if I’d ever had sorrel, to which I had to admit, No! “Well, maybe you should” and he handed me a leaf that instantly became my new favorite green… so flavorful and unique, I was in produce-heaven. And promptly went home to ask my husband why we didn’t grow it?!

With so many plants at varying stages of growth, it was mind-boggling to think of keeping it all straight, and yet he shrugged and talked as if it were nothing. With only a four day harvest window, I was impressed how structured his routine must be, and also how quickly he’s able to get fresh products to customers, with new crops constantly being seeded and transplanted weekly.

We’re grateful to have their different greens, such as chard, kale, many lettuces, and arugula joining our produce offerings. With the University of Dayton being Davidson’s largest current customer, I’m thrilled to have him offer his products with us.

Happy Shopping, and Welcome to Kevin and his Family!!

Market Will Close in Just a Few Hours!!!

Just a friendly reminder – you have until 8pm tonight to place your orders for the week!

And stay tuned – new vendors and new products to arrive Tuesday night for the new week’s opening!

We are Open for Orders until 8pm Sunday!

A new week with plenty of new and favorite products for you to choose from!

THANK YOU to the First United Methodist Church in Troy for generously allowing us to use their great location at First Place for our market pick-up… we are so grateful for their generosity and support!!

The market will soon see the addition of two new produce vendors as well as another baker whose specialty is candies and sweets!

And a huge THANK YOU to all the customers and vendors who have made a donation for a commercial fridge and freezer!! The sky will be the limit with year-round access to truly LOCAL foods!! So many great vendors are waiting in the wings until they’ll be able to offer you their refrigerated and frozen products… so many necessary pantry staples!

Thank you for supporting LOCAL, and Happy Shopping!!

Market Closes at 8pm Tonight!!

You can place orders til 8pm… plenty of time to make your selections for Tuesday’s pick-up!!

And a huge THANK YOU to all the customers and vendors who have already made a donation for our commercial fridge and freezer, so we’ll be able to offer you milk, eggs, poultry, pork, beef, and additional desserts and produce!!

We all truly appreciate your support!!

We are Open for Orders! Tonight's Featured Vendor is...

Innisfree on the Stillwater!!

To say Keba and Dennis Hitzeman do a little bit of everything is a gross understatement. Raw honey, gourment custom-roasted coffees, hormone/antibiotic free pastured Angus beef, free range, hormone/antibiotic free chicken and eggs, pottery, weaving, spinning, IT help… the list is seemingly and overwhelmingly endless!

Taking over the farm from Keba’s parents, after a career in teaching for Keba, and in IT computer technology as well as the military for Dennis, these two could not be more immersed in their sustainable dream. Drive up their long lane and you can’t help but appreciate the natural beauty which surrounds you. Content, well-cared for animals greet you any way you glance… the cattle, chickens, goats, dogs, sheep, wildlife… everything has a home and a purpose.

And they are such committed stewards of the land with which they’ve admittedly been blessed – they’ve not only intentionally allowed over 40 acres of their farm to return to woodland but encourage native plant and animal populations at every possible chance.

When you read their blog, meet them at a farmer’s market or art show, and visit their website or Facebook page, the passion they have for the life they’ve chosen is evident, as is their vision for the future. With the average age of farmers ever increasing, and Big Ag unable to healthfully feed the population, the Hitzeman’s are fully aware it is up to producers such as themselves to care for and provide the local, quality food that will sustain their community. What a responsibility they accept fully committed, and a choice they’ve made both willingly and gladly.

It’s refreshing to see these vendors each week at drop-off… I couldn’t be more fortunate to work with such NICE people, the kind you meet and are thrilled to support!

And go to their website if only to read the Irish poem that inspired their farm name!!

Market Closes at 8pm Tonight!!

Less than four hours to get your orders in for the week!

Market will close promptly at 8pm tonight – check out our new offerings including more produce and baked goods!

Need dinner ideas? How about pasta? We’ve got your noodles, veggies, and spices to go along with our many breads, jams and desserts!

Thank you for your continued support, and hope to see you at pick-up on Tuesday!

We are Open for Orders! And Tonight's Featured Vendor is...

D and D Potato!!

Who doesn’t love potatoes, arguably the most versatile veggie anywhere? We’re lucky that Dane and Donna of D and D Potato specialize in these adored spuds, with three great varieties sure to please everyone.

Potato farmers for seven years, much to the pleasure of the community palate, as a kid Dane helped milk cows with his grandpa and has wanted to farm ever since. He said after he got married, he grew a few potato mounds in a garden and they turned out so well he told his wife “We are growing potatoes!”

Potatoes are a demanding crop, consuming plenty of time and space… and anyone who hand plants, digs and sorts their potatoes for bagging must love what they do, which it is evident in D and D’s products.

It’s no wonder their potatoes taste so happy… their home sits so far back from the road it is utterly peaceful and quiet. Cognizant of his conventional, spray happy neighbors, Dane plants around his potato patch a 40-foot buffer of red clover, both beautiful and practical, doing as much as he can to ensure his naturally grown potatoes stay healthy and chemical free.

Committed to supporting locally grown products and appreciating their importance, Dane has been a vocal supporter of this market from its inception, including our pure definition of “local” – no reselling!

They currently offer on the market not only their Reds, Yukon Golds, and Purples by the pound, but also a colorful marble mix of all three varieties. Those small round potatoes are my favorite – how could life be easier than tossing those in the crockpot, or pulling a jar of marble potatoes you’ve canned from the pantry shelf? No wonder they continue to be so popular!

The market will be open until 8pm Sunday!!

Market Closes at 8pm Tonight!!

243 local products and less than 4 hours to get your orders in before market closes at 8pm!

Hope to see you Tuesday evening at pick-up!

Thank you Patty Rose!

A big thank you goes out to Patty Rose – Allstate – for her very generous donation of over 40 reusable cloth bags for our market pick-up!! We appreciate her generosity and involvement in the community!

Also, two great events this weekend – tomorrow, the Ohio State Plowing Competition at Carriage Hill Metropark in Huber Heights!! Plowing and demonstrations begin at 10am!!

And then on Sunday, especially if you’re a garlic lover, head up to Bellefontaine in Logan County for Jandy’s Annual Garlic Festival from 1-5pm… whether you’d like to try one of their 12 garlic varieties to plant or simply to eat and enjoy, this festival at their beautifully maintained small farm is always a blast. Many Logan County Market vendors will be on hand selling their products, along with a great local folk band.

My best advice? Try the garlic popcorn while you tour their beautiful flower and vegetable gardens! Visit them on Facebook or Local Harvest for directions!

And don’t forget our market closes Sunday night at 8pm!