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We are OPEN for orders!!

New products for your shopping pleasure…

Meat samplers from the Buehler’s, including a Beef and Pork Grilling Sampler Pack!!

Shower Fizzies from Becky’s Buckeye Naturals in fresh scents for Spring and Summer!

Organic sourdough Friendship Bread from 6635 StudeBaker, made with barley and beer!

More turnips and new lettuces from Simple Living Farm!

And be sure to check out this week’s specials!

What do you need for a special Mother's Day?

Only a week to prepare for Mother’s Day – how will you make this one special, whether for your mother, grandma, wife, sister, daughter, friend?

An indulgent dessert? Luxurious body care? A gourmet dinner, or a savory breakfast in bed?

Wonder if my husband is taking notes? He better check out the market, especially with all the great sales and local goodness! :-)

Need another reason to KNOW YOUR FARMER?!.....

Our newest meat vendors couldn’t have joined the market at a more ironic time… I just read of a USDA recall for over 131,00lbs of chicken patties, as well as 1,000’s more pounds of beef, poultry, sausage and other meats!!

Is your food clean and safe? How far does travel to reach your fridge, freezer, or table?

If you’re looking for an eye-opening read, take a look at any of the recent USDA recalls… it made me not only sick to my stomach, but excited to place a market order.

The meats offered by our wonderful vendors are not only home grown, but locally processed… King’s Poultry is one of only two USDA inspected poultry processors in all of Ohio, and local fully inspected butcher shops used by our vendors, such as Butcher Block and Smokehouse, and Copey’s Butcher Shop, mean the meat is grown and processed by your neighbors.

Where else can you shop with confidence knowing none of the meats or produce offered had to travel 1,000 miles or even 100 miles, before reaching Miami County, Ohio? We remain committed to providing the freshness and quality that is attainable from within your own community – and I’m grateful we have so many local meat producers currently on the market, with more coming in the near future!

We're open for orders, with a new featured vendor!!

Tonight’s featured vendor?
Kenny and Connie Adams, who share all the following information about their business!!

“Adams Greenhouse and Produce, located just east of Covington, is a greenhouse and food store that offers locally grown and organic fruits, vegetables, large supply of grass fed meats and bulk organic baking products, including nuts, oatmeal, flour and salts.

The greenhouse was opened in 2008, by Kenny and Connie Adams and has expanded drastically to carrying organic and natural foods and more.

They are also co-leader for a local Weston A. Price Chapter, and hold monthly meetings the first Tuesday of the month. Mr. Price was a dentist that traveled and observed different cultures to see who had the best teeth, best bone structure and best overall health and much more. He discovered that they all ate animals meats, fruits and vegetables, limited seeds, nuts and grains and also had good fats in their diet. Our meetings consist of different speakers and we do a lot of hands on education.

In the spring, we start offering all the garden plants, organic, heirloom and non-gmo seeds, bedding flowers and hanging baskets and fresh herb plants. We do a large variety of vegetable plants, including over 12,000 tomato plants, broccoli, cauliflower, peppers, swiss chards, okra, collards and much more.

After spring planting, we then go into the produce season with all kinds, mostly locally grown. We also have organic fish fertilizer, earthworm castings and potting soils. The majority of our produce is organically grown.

We offer honey from our own behives, locally produced maple syrup, our own fresh pasture eggs. Our chickens are raised with non-gmo, soy free supplemented feed for better tasting eggs. We also offer our own grass fed broiler, turkeys, pork, lamb, goat. Our beef is raised locally on grass also.

In the spring Adams Greenhouse offers gardening classes and during the fall they will be offering an indoor Farmer’s Market held inside the heated greenhouse, with several vendors on hand. The store also offers custom ordered grass fed turkeys for Thanksgiving and Christmas. Following up with Christmas trees and greenery during Christmas season.

If you have any questions on any of our offerings or meetings just give us a call at 937-416-5533 or visit our webpage: and like us on Facebook: adamsgreenhouse.
You can also stay in touch by texting: adamsgreenhouse to 22828 and then follow the prompt by submitting your email address and that will put you on our email list."

Remember each step when ordering!!

When you finish adding items to your cart, and click “Proceed to Checkout”, don’t stop there!!

Your invoice will appear for you to double check everything is correct, but then YOU MUST click PLACE THIS ORDER for your order to be processed!

We’re open tonight until 8pm – and, as always, feel free to email with any questions!! :-)

Our Grower Profiles

Have you ever checked out the OUR GROWERS page on our website?

Each vendor has a profile and many have pictures of their products, operation, events, etc., so you can get to know YOUR Farmers even more!

With links to their websites, a list of their certifications, and explanations of their business practices, you’ll find how truly committed we are to providing fresh, local food!

We are OPEN for orders, with NEW vendors, and NEW products!!

A big hearty WELCOME to newest vendor, King’s Poultry Farm, a family owned and operated business in Bradford, and a local favorite! Easy to see why, with such wonderful cuts and flavors!

Back on the market this week is…

Tin Roof Mobile Food, with the same beef and chicken they use in their food truck to create the award-winning dishes you love!

And Adams Greenhouse and Produce LLC, with non-gmo soy free eggs, plants, and more veggies to come!

Also, new offerings abound! Rhubarb and veggie plants from Jeanne’s Kitchen, turnips from Simple Living Farm LLC, more organic pasta offerings and a new Baker’s Favorite from 6635 StudeBaker… the historic Snickerdoodles Cake – it was President Cleveland’s for a reason, folks!

Get those last orders in!

Less than two hours until the market closes. To tempt your taste buds Sugar Pie Bakery will have pie, brownies and streusel cake samples at pickup on Tuesday! Happy shopping!

We are back from break!

Plenty of new offerings this week as the market goes live after our Easter break. The asparagus and radishes won’t last long! Be sure to check out the new fruit butters, herbs, pasta and baked goods.

Happy Easter! We'll be back next week :-)

Wishing everyone a Happy Easter, and a wonderful, safe break from the market!

But no worries, we’ll only be gone for one week – the market will re-open for orders next Tuesday, April 18!!