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Piqua Farmer's Market Opening Day!

Take advantage of this gorgeous afternoon – check out the Piqua Farmer’s Market!!

Right in the heart of downtown Piqua, on High Street… in front of beautiful Fort Piqua Plaza!

So many wonderful vendors, from the Domestic Divas and Sugar Pie Bakery
to the Burns Family and Rosebud’s Ranch and Garden!!

But you only have until 6:30pm tonight!

And don’t worry about dinner… Tin Roof Mobile Food is there, ready to grill you up something delicious :-)!

Ready for the Strawberry Festival? We are!!

We have tomatoes! We have a great sale on Honey! And so much more…

As we look forward to the Troy Strawberry Festival this weekend, check out all the Strawberry-inspired goodies on the market! Danish, tea, pie, jam, cookies… wow!

Plus more produce from Adams Greenhouse, baking classes from 6635 StudeBaker, pie and jam specials from Jeanne’s Kitchen, three granola varieties from A Taste of Sugar Bakery… always something new and exciting on the market!

Thanks to Karen Purke, of McGuffey Herb and Spice Co., for all the yummy samples tonight!

Up next week as my volunteer, with samples sure to please…
Levi King, of King’s Poultry!!

Only 6 hours left!

Last call for orders!!

If you’re looking for convenience, how can you go wrong with bacon and eggs, cucumbers and dip, a fresh salad, or beef brats? And have you tried the Chicken Patties?! If not, you’re missing out on quick, local AND delish :-)

And here’s some exciting news to share… A summer Farm Tour Series is in the works, to showcase the amazing operations of our vendors! We are fortunate to have such variety, that we’re working hard to increase every week, and you’ll be amazed to see where our products are grown, raised and nurtured. More details to come!

Can you believe we’ll have tomatoes for you, as early as THIS WEEK??

We’re only open until 8pm tonight!!

A HUGE Congratulations!!

Congratulations to our entire market family… we passed our health dept inspection with FLYING COLORS, and have officially secured our license!! Wow!!

A big thank you to Shane Snapp and Miami County Public Health… Shane has been nothing but helpful and supportive from the beginning, and we are truly grateful for their willingness to work with our very unusual market structure :-)

We’re open for orders until 8pm Sunday!!

DOZENS of NEW PRODUCTS, plus our newest vendors...

As we gear up for another exciting market week, oh my do we have awesome new products!!

Check out our newest category… BULK BARGAINS! Whether the cases of Chicken Breasts from King’s, the variety packs of their amazing Chicken Sausage and Bratwurst selections, or 6635 StudeBaker’s organic pasta deal – Buy 5 get 1 free!

Plus, Kim Davis of Sugar Pie Bakery just added her scrumptious cheesecakes and Danish to the market – Triple Chocolate, Turtle, Lemon Blueberry, and White Chocolate Raspberry??!!

And… welcome our newest vendors… Bair Trax Dairy from right here in Troy, with Ground Beef from their Certified Organic cows!! YES!! Many of you love their Certified Organic raw milk herdshare, and now we can enjoy their beef on the market!!

Also, the Ike Family Farm in Sidney! If you’re looking for a wholesome yet convenient supper, trust me… make the star of the meal the Ike’s canned beef!

With their animals eating 100% non-gmo feed grown on their farm, this is the ultimate comfort CONVENIENCE food… hearty enough for my husband, and tender enough for my toddler!

We opened the can to pair it with fresh veggies – not only delicious but quick enough for a busy night when the cranky kids (and parents) were in need of an easy, filling meal :-) And I can just imagine how easy it would be to add noodles, rice, potatoes… Yum, indeed!!

We are open for orders!!!

Need Memorial Day fare??

Place your orders by 8pm tonight to stock up for your Memorial Day gatherings!

So many great pairings and options…

Do you prefer beef, pork, or chicken for your brats and burger patties? We have you covered!

Have you seen the apple, cheddar cheese, or tomato basil chicken brats and patties King’s added to the market?

How about pulled pork or beef sandwiches from Tin Roof and the Buehler Family… decisions decisions :-)

What will you use to season? Our herbs, rubs, and spices? Honey, maple, or sorghum glaze?

And we’ve got brat and burger buns, biscuits and all kinds of breads! Even gluten-free :-) But only until 8 o’clock!

Need Mosquito Creek pizza crusts and cookies??

Summer’s Farmer Market season is almost upon us!

And this week, we have to say goodbye temporarily to Mosquito Creek, as they gear up to return as Downtown Troy Farmer’s Market vendors! Their pizza crusts and cookies are well-loved and delicious… so order them while you can, and let’s send them off this week with a bang, looking forward to their return in the fall! :-)

Urbana’s virtual market and traditional farmer’s market over in Champaign County have given us a great model to follow, with how nicely the two very different market structures can coexist and support each other…

I’m so grateful we’re able to operate this market year-round, and it’s wonderful you can find both familiar and new faces, whether you shop the different farmer’s markets in Tipp, Piqua, or Troy. Great experiences, and they’ll all be starting soon!!

What is Certified Naturally Grown?

How does Certified Naturally Grown compare to being Certified Organic?

I’ve gotten this question a lot… with four producers being Certified Naturally Grown,
people are naturally wondering what that means!

Short answer: Certified Naturally Grown is the grassroots alternative to being Certified Organic. CNG vendors have organically operated farms who must follow the National Organic Program standards and only use OMRI listed products, same as the Certified Organic program – no synthetic chemicals, synthetic pesticides, or GMOs.

However, CNG farmers go through an alternate certification process that focuses on small-scale operations and family farms, not corporate conglomerates.

CNG farms are inspected by other certified organic farmers, who appreciate the Certified Naturally Grown program being rooted in community with a focus on networking and local accountability.

Also, the Certified Organic label allows certain NON-ORGANIC synthetic chemicals to be used in organic operations when comparable organic counterparts do not exist… one of the many ways we personally felt the Certified Organic label was more interested in Big Ag and profits instead of the commitment we’ve made on our farm to produce sustainable, clean food.

Those synthetic chemicals are NOT allowed to be used by CNG operations – big difference!

There are people who are beginning to doubt the integrity of the Certified Organic label which is a shame, as the idea is both necessary and important for consumers to know what they’re purchasing…

Here’s an example – fire blight in apple orchards is a widespread problem… so it was decided the Certified Organic operations would be able to use the synthetic antibiotics streptomycin and oxytetracycline to combat the disease… but when I think I know what I’m buying when I pick up Certified Organic apples, do I realize exactly what I’m eating? Synthetic antibiotics/chemicals are not allowable under the CNG label – and that’s one reason my husband and I chose to become Certified Naturally Grown, instead of Certified Organic.

Another thing we liked? CNG requires 50ft buffers around your property to try to keep your certified produce or livestock as far away as possible from your conventional neighbors, and their possible spray drift contaminating your livelihood.

The Certified Organic program only requires 25 ft… and as most organic operators share borders with large-scale conventional farmers, CNG realizes farmers must be diligent in preserving as much space as possible, which is why we maintain a thick fencerow of trees and bushes. 50ft is even double the insurance against a spray happy, irresponsible neighbor who seeks to eradicate dandelions from the face of the planet.

Out of our 21 acres, we’ve had to take almost 2 full acres out of production so our 50 ft buffers would compensate for the possible contamination we hope to never receive from our neighbors… when you make your living from your land, a 10% loss of available crop ground is massively impactful. We use those buffers for pollinators, wildlife habit and horse hay.

CNG’s peer-reviewed inspections seek to drive producers to surpass the current expectations, for the sake of food safety and transparency, as the goal is to provide a healthy, happy, sustainable food system.

So… When you purchase Certified Naturally Grown food,
is it equivalent to purchasing Certified Organic? Yes!
And often, as we can personally testify, it’s “beyond organic”!

Hoping everyone has a Happy Mother's Day!

Does a more exhausting, demanding, or rewarding profession exist than motherhood?

My grandma has always said that every day is mother’s day, and with 10 kids, she’d know!
I’m lucky she and my mom provided me selfless examples of how to be a good mother.

I am the mother of four children – our oldest just turned 6, and the youngest is 7 months – and I am grateful every day to have been so richly Blessed in my chosen vocation.

And this day is about more than just Mom… so many women, whether another relative, friend, teacher, neighbor, with that special mothering instinct have made a powerfully positive impact on our lives, and we don’t always have the opportunity to appreciate them as they deserve.

So, to all the “Mothers” out there in our Happy Market Family, thank you for everything, and Happy Mother’s Day!

We are OPEN for orders!!

New products for your shopping pleasure…

Meat samplers from the Buehler’s, including a Beef and Pork Grilling Sampler Pack!!

Shower Fizzies from Becky’s Buckeye Naturals in fresh scents for Spring and Summer!

Organic sourdough Friendship Bread from 6635 StudeBaker, made with barley and beer!

More turnips and new lettuces from Simple Living Farm!

And be sure to check out this week’s specials!