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Market Closes at 8pm Tonight!!

Less than four hours to get your orders in for the week!

Market will close promptly at 8pm tonight – check out our new offerings including more produce and baked goods!

Need dinner ideas? How about pasta? We’ve got your noodles, veggies, and spices to go along with our many breads, jams and desserts!

Thank you for your continued support, and hope to see you at pick-up on Tuesday!

We are Open for Orders! And Tonight's Featured Vendor is...

D and D Potato!!

Who doesn’t love potatoes, arguably the most versatile veggie anywhere? We’re lucky that Dane and Donna of D and D Potato specialize in these adored spuds, with three great varieties sure to please everyone.

Potato farmers for seven years, much to the pleasure of the community palate, as a kid Dane helped milk cows with his grandpa and has wanted to farm ever since. He said after he got married, he grew a few potato mounds in a garden and they turned out so well he told his wife “We are growing potatoes!”

Potatoes are a demanding crop, consuming plenty of time and space… and anyone who hand plants, digs and sorts their potatoes for bagging must love what they do, which it is evident in D and D’s products.

It’s no wonder their potatoes taste so happy… their home sits so far back from the road it is utterly peaceful and quiet. Cognizant of his conventional, spray happy neighbors, Dane plants around his potato patch a 40-foot buffer of red clover, both beautiful and practical, doing as much as he can to ensure his naturally grown potatoes stay healthy and chemical free.

Committed to supporting locally grown products and appreciating their importance, Dane has been a vocal supporter of this market from its inception, including our pure definition of “local” – no reselling!

They currently offer on the market not only their Reds, Yukon Golds, and Purples by the pound, but also a colorful marble mix of all three varieties. Those small round potatoes are my favorite – how could life be easier than tossing those in the crockpot, or pulling a jar of marble potatoes you’ve canned from the pantry shelf? No wonder they continue to be so popular!

The market will be open until 8pm Sunday!!

Market Closes at 8pm Tonight!!

243 local products and less than 4 hours to get your orders in before market closes at 8pm!

Hope to see you Tuesday evening at pick-up!

Thank you Patty Rose!

A big thank you goes out to Patty Rose – Allstate – for her very generous donation of over 40 reusable cloth bags for our market pick-up!! We appreciate her generosity and involvement in the community!

Also, two great events this weekend – tomorrow, the Ohio State Plowing Competition at Carriage Hill Metropark in Huber Heights!! Plowing and demonstrations begin at 10am!!

And then on Sunday, especially if you’re a garlic lover, head up to Bellefontaine in Logan County for Jandy’s Annual Garlic Festival from 1-5pm… whether you’d like to try one of their 12 garlic varieties to plant or simply to eat and enjoy, this festival at their beautifully maintained small farm is always a blast. Many Logan County Market vendors will be on hand selling their products, along with a great local folk band.

My best advice? Try the garlic popcorn while you tour their beautiful flower and vegetable gardens! Visit them on Facebook or Local Harvest for directions!

And don’t forget our market closes Sunday night at 8pm!

The Market is Open!!

We are OPEN FOR ORDERS until 8pm Sunday, with many new items… including COFFEE from Innisfree on the Stillwater, and a gorgeous shopping bag made exclusively for us by the Domestic Divas in Piqua!

We are thrilled to be able to offer you these sturdy and beautiful bags, created by such talented and experienced crafters. And we are even more excited that the Divas are donating almost 40% of the profits from each bag to the market… Wow!! Thank you, Julie and Pam!!

If you’ve never visited their booth at the Piqua Farmer’s Market, especially now with that market’s new and perfect location in front of the library, I encourage you to check them out. Everything from fresh produce to flowers, herbs and herbal products, knitted and hand-crafted items… everything they create is not only well made, but stunning. And they’re a hoot even if you just chat and pick their brains!

Among our other new offerings you’ll find squash, lettuce, peppers, more desserts, new breads… Have fun shopping with us, and thank you for your support!!

Market Will Close in Just a Few Hours!!!

Remember! In order for us to prepare your items for a fast and convenient pick-up on Tuesday evening, all orders must be in by 8pm TONIGHT when the market will close for the week!

Over 200 local products to choose from… good luck, and THANK YOU!!

Meat will return to the market soon!!

In answer to numerous inquiries, Tin Roof will be at the Miami County Fair this week and therefore unable to participate in our virtual market, which is why his beef is currently unavailable to you through Miami County Locally Grown!

But soon he will be back, and we’re working on securing the funds for a commercial fridge and freezer, which will enable us to greatly expand our product offerings with refrigerated and frozen goods such as beef, pork, poultry, milk, eggs, cheese, additional produce and desserts!

Thank you for your continued support!!

We are Open for Orders! And Introducting...

We are OPEN FOR ORDERS until Sunday at 8pm! And here’s our next Featured Vendor…

Deb Spencer – 6635 Studebaker – History in the Baking!!

Working as an education specialist at a local 1880’s Living History Farm, Deb extensively researches 19th century baking methods, recipes, and tools. Anyone can look at the gorgeous pictures of her products on our website or take a single bit and appreciate her talent. But once I learned this dedicated artist uses a 19th century recipe to make her own hops and potato yeast, and grinds organic einkorn, winter wheat and rye berries for her flours, how could I not be captivated?

When I stepped into her home, built in 1839, to learn about her techniques and watch her create historic products, I was instantly amazed at the organization of her kitchen, which she assured me took years to perfect. I’d never seen a more efficient workplace… her ingredients, recipes, notes, and supplies were all within reach, ensuring that in the 15 minutes I watched each step of her bread baking process, not a single unnecessary step was taken. Incredible!

She had such a system that when I arrived, I was able to see everything… the making of her yeast, dough that was in the midst of its 16-hour long rise, the kneading, stretching and counter-slamming of her doughs, shaping them… I learned more in 15 minutes than I would’ve thought possible.

It is obvious she’s a teacher, has worked tirelessly to perfect her craft, and is more conscientious about her process and products than I realized possible. Never drying her hands with a towel, “as you don’t want the worry of hair or bacteria”, she only uses paper towels that then go on the compost pile. All her equipment is air dried, and stored on wire shelving… plenty of circulation! So much thought behind every step of her routine… I have a completely new appreciation for what it takes to make her scrumptious baked goods. “That’s it in a nutshell… and then the dishes,” she laughingly admitted.

“Oh, would you like to see the breads baking in the Dutch ovens? Just a peek… every time you open the oven you lose 70 degrees! And that, Jennifer,” she said with a smile, “is a loaf of bread.” Could it be that simple? Of course not! Oh, what goes into her loaves of bread!

Thank you for your commitment to LOCAL, and Happy Shopping!

The End of our Opening Week is Near!!

Just a friendly reminder… the virtual market will close tonight promptly at 8pm!

Weblog Entry

I must apologize for re-sending this, but numerous registered customers did not receive this email the first time it was sent. Hopefully everything is fixed now! And without further ado…

We are OPEN FOR ORDERS until Sunday at 8pm! Here’s our first Featured Vendor…

Katie Bensman – Mother Suds Soap Company!!

I can’t say enough about this woman, her beautiful family, and the amazing products she has been crafting for six years.

Katie is equally concerned about what she feeds her young children as what she puts on their bodies… what better way to control those potentially harmful body products than by making your own?! For the rest of us, we’re lucky to benefit from her expertise and craftsmanship! Her Baby Bottom Soap is the best soap I’ve ever used on my own children who have very sensitive skin. After trying it, I’ve honestly never bought anything else for them.

Having had the privilege to learn the soap-making process in her home, it speaks volumes about her experience and dedication that despite my utter lack of knowledge and all our children running amok, that batch of soap turned out beautifully, second only to what she creates alone without such awkward assistance :-)

The virtual market was still in the works this past Spring when I questioned whether she’d be interested in participating with her full line of soap, laundry, and body care products. Her answer? She’d have to wait until later in the growing season for her calendula plants to bloom, as she needed to make an infusion for her soaps. That dedication to creating a local, unique product is why supporting truly “local” matters for you. The thoughtfulness and concern she puts into her products is not only apparent but admirable, and I’m grateful to know her, her husband and her two feisty, adorable girls.

I admire and appreciate these vendors, and want you to know, love and support them as I do!

Thank you for joining us, Happy Shopping, and Welcome to our Market!