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How Do You Define Local?

The federal guidelines may allow “local” products to come from 500 miles away, but we want to establish an entire market full of food and home products that can be produced by your neighbors within 30 miles. It’s possible, without shipping in “local” goods from Buffalo NY, Des Moines IA, or Augusta GA.

With your support, think of the vibrant community homestead we could potentially create for working families, small businesses, and producers searching for their niche… where you spend your money matters, and in building this market, we want you to look no further than your own community.

This market is not about retail, but instead about relationships. Thru your purchasing power, vendors will see your support and be able to expand their product lines to fully meet all your needs.

That’s my hope and goal for Miami County Locally Grown – to give a true, sincere meaning to the necessary and beautiful idea of “local”.

Market will Open for Orders August 2nd!!

My name is Jennifer Ruff, and as the market manager for Miami County Locally Grown, THANK YOU for registering for our market!

I hope you’re as excited as I am to watch the products being posted until opening day August 2nd when we can finally place our orders!

My husband and I have been vendors at the virtual farmer’s market in Urbana for 4 years now, and the support we’ve received from those market managers, both as a vendor and customer, has been unparalleled. They care about and really know each participant, creating a vibrant little family who supports each other unconditionally.

We will have our own kinks to work out especially now in the beginning, but I am grateful for the advice and example of those Urbana folks, and am thrilled to bring the virtual market concept to Miami County where I hope and believe it will flourish and grow.

Thank you also to our county health department for their willingness to work with us on this very new and unique market concept!

Stay tuned for market news, updates, and spotlights on each of our amazing vendors and their varied, wonderful products!

Coming Soon...

The Miami County Local Food Council is working hard to get this
Virtual Farmer’s Market up and running!

We plan to have the market open for orders by the end of July, but if you are an interested customer, DON’T WAIT!

Please create a free account by going to the “Your Account” page, check out our “Frequently Asked Questions”, or email Jennifer, the market manager, at with any additional questions.

When you create an account, you’ll receive our weekly inventory updates and weblogs with information on new producers and new offerings!

Also, take a look at our current vendor profiles and pictures on “Our Growers” page. You may see some favorite familiar faces or maybe someone new!

Thank you for your interest in local food!