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Hi everyone,

So this is the last week we’ll be using this sales platform/ordering site.

Next Tuesday, August 2nd, when I open the market at 9pm, it’ll be on the new sales platform. There will be a message here telling you where to go.

Jennifer did a phenomenal job setting this all up on, and this platform served MCLG very well for quite a long time. We’ve just found that there are some limitations that prohibit us from growing the market in the direction we’d like. So we’ve found a new platform, Open Food Network, that has some capabilities that we didn’t have before.

You’ve all been so supportive and helpful to me as I’ve tried to follow in Jennifer’s footsteps. Now I’m asking you to keep supporting MCLG as we make this transition.

If anyone needs help with ordering on the new site, our email and phone number will remain the same. Please reach out anytime!