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Fridge Update, Rosy Toes gone til 2021!

Here’s where we stand on replacing our refrigerator – Good, amazing, incredible news? We’ve raised over $1,500!

The sad news? We were waiting on hearing back from Hobart after Ed Bucher, with FUMC and the Food Pantry, had purchased new units for the Pantry and contacted them in our behalf to see if they’d be willing to also give us a deal! By the time the decision came back from Corporate, it did not go in our favor :-(

So we definitely are still gratefully, humbly accepting donations to raise the money to purchase at least a used commercial unit – we’re looking at $2,450 for a unit the size of our old one, and we’ll get there!

We’ll remain unable to offer you any eggs or refrigerated baked goods such as Carmen’s famous cream pies and pumpkin rolls, and we’ll have to limit our meat offerings as well – at the suggestion of Miami County Public Health, we were using the bottom of our fridge to store the cases and larger orders of meat from vendor drop-off to customer pickup!

This is the last week Rosy Toes Designs will be on the Market this year! Take a look at her Dryer Balls, whether whimsically adorable or practical, for gifts or a treat for yourself!

The Market will not reopen for orders this Tuesday Nov 24 after pickup – we’re closed for our scheduled one week break – so no Market pickup Tuesday Dec 1st!!

Thank you all for your continued kindness and support!