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Two Favorite Vendors are BACK!!

We are happy to have local favorite Tin Roof Mobile Food back with their Charlois beef on the Market this week!!

Be sure to check out their beloved Stew Cubes and Ribeye Steaks! Plus 4lb Soup Bones?! Who doesn’t need to make some healthful Bone Broth this time of year?!

And we’re so glad to also Welcome back Katie Bensman to our Market family!! Many of you loved her Mother Suds Soap Company products, and until she again makes her indispensable salves, she’ll be offering a variety of Produce from her beautiful homestead, Dutch Roost Farm!

For starters, check out her Grandma Bensman’s Pie Pumpkins! They’re delicious, they cook up like a dream, and of course are organically grown – be sure to save the seeds for planting!!

It’s wonderful to have you both back!! :-)