End of the Road Farm

Website: www.naturallygrown.org/producers/4505

Certified Organic

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Our mission – to offer nutrient-dense, beyond organic food at an affordable price while making our entire living on our farm!

We began our homestead in 2010 when we married, and now with our four young children, End of the Road Farm is a very diverse, draft horse powered sustainable farmstead specializing in sweet sorghum syrup, stone-ground spelt flour, alfalfa hay, over 50 varieties of open-pollinated, heirloom vegetables, and pastured eggs, chicken and pork.

We refuse to use any synthetic pesticides, herbicides, chemical fertilizers, or GMOs, believing our impact on the land is as important as providing our customers and selves the best possible quality products. Methods employed to control weeds and pests include portable chicken pens, crop rotations, cover crops, companion planting, mechanical cultivation with our draft horses, and good old fashioned hand weeding and hoeing.

Growing the feed for our livestock, squeezing the sorghum or grinding the spelt that we have grown right on our farm make End of the Road Farm not only unique, but well on our way toward self-sufficiency, and we thrive on sharing the results of our labors with our customers.

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