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Correct website link!

Last night the website link for our virtual market should have been not .com!

I apologize for the confusion when some of you were directed to a site completely unrelated to the Virtual Market!

Thanks for your patience, assistance and support ;-)

My positive thought for the day? When you watch the rain they’re calling for and you desperately need pass you by, at least your clothes hanging on the line don’t get wet!

Raspberries, zucchini, and more!

So glad to be able to welcome 2 of our produce growers back to the Market!

Chez Nous Farm in Piqua is again offering her delicious red raspberries! Organically grown, you have to taste these beauties to appreciate their freshness!

And JM Gardens is back with all the good summer standards you have to enjoy in season for that perfect flavor, because greenhouse varieties in winter just can’t compare!

From zucchini, garlic, and cucumbers to tomatoes, peppers, and green beans, be sure to check out all our produce offerings before we close Sunday at 8pm (or before we run out!!)

We close tonight at 8!

So grateful for all the fresh produce on the market, particularly with the unfavourable weather this season. Excessive rains, invincible pests, and long dry spells are not discouraging in the same way when your livelihood and paycheck don’t depend upon such variables beyond your control.

We met a fellow farmer this week, and when he said he hadn’t seen a year so poor for growing and so hard on farmers since he was young and starting out in the 50s, we were shocked. We knew how badly we and others were struggling, as you can only compensate for the weather to a point, but to hear someone with decades more experience than us validate our struggles… Just par for the course, really. That’s just Farming! You have to be optimistic and hopeful!

And aren’t we grateful for everyone committed to that noble, difficult, and delicious profession?

So Thank You to all our farmers, and a heartfelt Thank You also to our customers who help us continue on and make it all worthwhile :-).

And don’t forget to enter our drawing for our 6 Gift Baskets! Details on our website on the MCLG category!

Annual Gift Basket Giveaway!!

Miami County Locally Grown opened back in August of 2016 –
and in honor of our upcoming Anniversary, the Virtual Market vendors have put together a collection of incredible Gift Baskets we are going to
GIVE AWAY, as a THANK YOU to our wonderful customers!

No catch, folks – you have SIX MARKET WEEKS (from Tuesday July 30th to Sunday September 15th) to enter the drawing for the Gift Basket of your choice… or enter the drawing for each!

Look for the category, MCLG, on The Market webpage :-)

When you “order” a Gift Basket, your name will be entered in the drawing for that Basket –we will draw the WINNERS at pick-up on TUESDAY SEPTEMBER 17th!

Winners will be congratulated on the weblog as we open the market that night, and also reminded via email that they can pick up their Gift Basket the following Tuesday, September 24th, during regular pick-up hours, 5-7pm.

ANY CUSTOMER WHO HAS PLACED AT LEAST ONE MARKET ORDER FROM July 30th TO SEPTEMBER 15th IS ELIGIBLE TO ENTER… so be sure to place your market order this week to ensure your eligibility, and go to the MCLG category to select your favorite Basket… or each one! – You’ll only be entered once per basket :-)

Up for grabs are the following:

1 Laundry Butter – Becky’s Buckeye Naturals ($12)
Set of 4 Dryer Balls – Rosy Toes Designs ($20)
Gourmet Brownies – Mucci’s Sweet Treats ($6)

BREAKFAST GIFT BASKET #1 – $32.50 value
1 lb Bacon – Phil Buehler and Matt Buehler Farms ($7)
1 lb Salt and Pepper or Sage Sausage – End of the Road Farm ($7)
1 Dozen Eggs – J & S Buehler Family Farm ($2.50)
Berry Scones – The Farmhouse Bakery ($7)
Southern Butter Biscuits – 6635 StudeBaker ($5)
8oz Jam – Honey Creek Farm ($4)

1 lb Bacon – Phil and Matt Buehler Farms ($7)
1lb Beef Breakfast Sausage – Bair Trax Dairy ($7)
1 Dozen Eggs – J & S Buehler Family Farm ($2.50)
Cinnamon Walnut (or Raisin) Bread – Grumpy Goat Experiment ($5.50)
16oz Maple Syrup – Sugar Grove Maple Products ($11)

ENGLISH TEA GIFT BASKET (Can be Gluten-Free if needed!) – $36.00 value
Strawberry Thumbprint Cookies – Honey Creek Farm ($4)
Rose Hips and Hibiscus Tea – McGuffey Herb and Spice Co. ($7)
8oz Raw Honey – Pumpkin Patch ($7)
½ pint Raspberries – Chez Nous Farm ($4.50)
Coffe Cake (request Gluten-Free if you need!) – The Farmhouse Bakery ($5)
½ lb Custom Roasted Coffee – Innisfree on the Stillwater ($8)

GREAT GRILLIN’ GIFT BASKET #1 – $35.99 value
1 lb Beef Brats – J & S Buehler Family Farm ($7.25)
1lb Chicken Chorizo Sausage – Michael’s Pastured Poultry ($8.25)
1lb Chicken Brats (Apple, Cheddar, Jalapeno, Regular) – King’s Poultry Farm ($5.99)
Hot Dog Buns – Grumpy Goat Experiment ($5.50)
Deli Style Mustard – Bad Seed Mustard Company ($5)
Sweet Onions – Simple Living Farm ($4)

GREAT GRILLIN’ GIFT BASKET #2 – $34.94 value
1lb Organic Beef Patties – Bair Trax Dairy ($5.95)
Rib Steak – End of the Road Farm – ($7)
1lb Ground Chicken Patties – King’s Poultry Farm ($5.99)
Hamburger Buns – 6635 StudeBaker ($8.00)
Tomatoes – JM Gardens ($4)
Garlic – Simple Living Farm ($2)
Sweet Onions – Simple Living Farm ($2)

Any customer who has placed an order July 30th – September 15th is welcome to “order” this incredible offer, and you’ll then be entered in the Drawing for this Basket!

The Drawings will be held at Market pick-up on Tuesday September 17th! The winner will be announced that night via Weblog, and will pick-up their Gift Basket the following Tuesday, September 24th, at First Place during our normal Market pick-up hours (5-7pm).

Good Luck, and Thank You for your continued support
of our local families, farms, and businesses! :-)

EGG SALE!!! And We're CLOSED next week for One Week!!

Get your orders in now! We will not reopen Tuesday night… We’ll take a one week break, and come back ready for orders Tuesday July 30th!

We’ll hope to see you next Saturday at the Small Food + Farm Fest!

But take advantage of this great sale from J & S Buehler Family Farm while you can!! Buy 2 dozen of their farm fresh eggs for $4!! Wow!!

And watch as the blackberries and red raspberries are coming on ;-)

Green Beans, Tomatoes, Organic Chicken and More!

Lots of new items this week, and the return of some favorites!

Fresh Beans, Chard, Tomatoes, Specialty Basils…

Organic Chicken Brats, Chorizo Sausage…

Zucchini Cookies, Banana Cream Pie…

And even more waiting for you this week on your local virtual market :-). Stay cool and eat fresh!

Organic eggs available!

Bair Trax Dairy has more organic eggs available!

And check out all the other local goodness we have to offer!

Enjoy this gorgeous sunshiny day :-)

The Farmhouse Bakery is BACK!!

Welcome Back to the Farmhouse Bakery – we’re glad they enjoyed their vacation, but we’re even happier to have them return :-)

With their incredible pies, they’ve got something for everyone, whether you’re looking for a classic cherry, peach or apple, or want a true taste of summer with a scrumptious key lime or lemon meringue!

I can’t wait to share their Vendor Feature – Carmen is one talented, hard-working woman!

And aren’t we lucky she can bake your custom orders the morning of pick-up, and have them in your hands only hours after she’s pulled your Rum Cake out of the oven!

Romaine, Plants, Peppers, Honey and More!!

Davidson Family Grower’s is now able to offer their ever-popular Romaine Lettuce again!! Yay!!

Plus more produce is always a hit! Watch for tomatoes, cucumbers, zucchini, peppers, garlic, and more as we rebound from all the unpredictable (and undesirable!) weather :-)

And Honey Creek Farm is back this week with an even bigger variety of Perennials, Annuals, and other unusual Live Plants!

Thank you for shopping local, eating fresh, and supporting our small businesses and family farms!! We appreciate you helping us be able to continue doing what we love :-)

Broccoli, Lettuce, Tomatoes, and more!!

Tonight during pick-up we have lots of extra for sale, including…



Lettuces and

Yellow Tomatoes

in addition to our local maple syrup and assortment of beef, pork and chicken!!!

We’re open now, but it won’t be here long!!