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Raspberries, Indian Corn, and Spinach!!

Grab the organic raspberries from Chez Nous Farm while you can! Fresh fruit at Halloween?! Awesome!!

New Indian Corn from Marrs Produce in Piqua – gorgeous, whether for decoration, crafting… :-)

And the return of Simple Living Farm’s famous Spinach!!

Grateful for Wonderful People

DISCLAIMER: There’s no real point to this weblog, except to say thank you.

There’s no way you all realize how timely your niceness really is sometimes… Case in point – I was trying to work on a weblog this afternoon, and finish writing some PR for our upcoming Night Market (yay!!), while 5 month old Anna pooped her guts out and started screaming, 8 year old Lucy wanted help with her spelling, Mary (5) and Molly (3) couldn’t find the right crayon without my help, and 6 year old Joseph was begging me to keep reading James and the Giant Peach. When Lucy asked me how to spell a word, it was one of those moments where you think, I have no idea, I don’t even know my name at this minute… And what popped up on the email? A vendor, who was late getting her check simply because I lost my mind and apparently forgot how to add, THANKING me for my “prompt attention” and commenting that “under the circumstances” she thought my “job performance was exemplary”. Clearly she doesn’t get out much, but reading “under the circumstances” at the exact moment when it felt like my controlled chaos was losing any semblance of control, was definitely the highlight of my week, even if explaining to the kids why Mommy suddenly burst out laughing was a lot harder than just saying “Why don’t we find out what’s going on with James and his bugs?”, so that’s what we did!

So there’s Reason #104 why I love this Market – it’s just full of nice people you’re glad to know, and who make you smile.

P.S. I swear one of the greatest things about having kids is how much fun it is reading aloud together! And kudos to the Piqua librarians for helping us discover so many books I never knew existed!

If you or your children have a favorite beloved book, please share! :-)

Round Two - 6635 StudeBaker Open House!!

If you missed it last time, you’re in for a treat! This Tuesday October 22nd, Deb Spencer will again host an Open House on her Tipp City farm from 2-9pm, with the centerpiece being her new outdoor summer kitchen that houses her wood fired brick bake oven!!

With Baroque music on recorders to begin the event, snacks throughout, and plenty of comraderie, it’s sure to be another fun time!

Please visit The Market tab on our way website,, to register the number of guests you’ll be bringing for this free event so Deb can be prepared for you all!! Look for the Farm Tour category!

Cabbage, Bagels, and another Open House!!

We say goodbye to Simple Living Farm for just one week, but they’ll be back with their tender spinach and sweet carrots!! Yay!!

Plus this week, enjoy fresh cabbage and tomatoes while you can from JM Gardens!! Tomatoes are on Sale HALF PRICE while they last!! And if anyone is looking to can, or is in need of a large quantity (10lbs or more) he’s here to make you an even greater deal!!

And BRAND NEW from the Grumpy Goat Experiment… 3 kinds of Bagels!! Cinnamon Raisin, Sesame, and Cheddar Jalapeno!! Whoa!!

So glad to see the return of the organic red raspberries from Chez Nous Farm!! We’re grateful for the extended harvest!!

Plus don’t forget to pre-order your non-GMO pasture raised Turkey from King’s Poultry Farm for your Thanksgiving feast!!

And grab a Pumpkin Roll from Farmhouse Bakery while you can!! What a wonderful season!!!

Tomato Sale, plus a Sampling in Sidney!

Celebrity Tomatoes from JM Gardens in Troy are HALF OFF for a limited time!! $1.50 for 3-4 fresh tomatoes? Sounds like I need to make a big pot of chili, nacho dip, and some paste for the freezer! ;-)

And tomorrow, Saturday October 12th, visit our very own Phil Buehler at Crossway Farm in Sidney for a day of meat sampling! Phil and family will be bringing down a selection from his Carvnivore Candy Store for your tasting pleasure!

From 10am to 5pm tomorrow! Check out the Crossway Farm Facebook page for more information!

And if you’re in the mood, ask Phil to tell you a joke – the man has a million of them, and some are even appropriate for all ages!

Cabbage, Sweet Potatoes, and a Farm Tour?!

Next Tuesday from 2 to 9pm, the place to be is 6635 StudeBaker in Tipp City, where we’ll get to tour the brand new Summer Kitchen that encloses Deb’s gorgeous outdoor brick bake oven!! The possibilities for this space are endless, with classes, workshops, demos, salon concerts, intimate gatherings, and more that can showcase Deb’s many talents and pass on the many old ways and traditional methods she crafts with such care. Look under Farm Tours on The Market website, to sign up for this fun opportunity to mingle with your favorite vendors and meet other customers!

Plus many new items on the Market this week, including Cabbage from JM Gardens, Sweet Potatoes from Simple Living Farm, and Specials from the Buehlers!

And have you seen Carmen’s Pumpkin Rolls?! Only available for a limited time!! :-)

Pre-order your Non-GMO Thanksgiving Turkey from King's Poultry Farm!

This dry summer may have been devastating to most of our farmers, yet it was perfect for raising turkeys!

King’s Poultry Farm is again taking pre-orders for their Thanksgiving Turkeys!

Pasture-raised on their Bradford family farm with non-GMO feed, and no antibiotics, preservatives, or hormones!! Wow and Yum!!

These birds will be delivered to Market pickup Tuesday November 26th FRESH!! Processed just the day before, having never been frozen, these birds will be the freshest most local turkeys you’ll find!!

Order today!! And yes we’ll remind everyone who purchases one early to come pick up their Turkey on November 26th from 4-7pm at First Place Christian Center in Troy :-)

We're ready for Fall!!

So many new products to help us usher in Fall (and hopefully mild weather, as well as some rain?!)

Seasonal baked goods galore! Pumpkin Roll, Pumpkin Coffee Cake, and Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Bread from The Farmhouse Bakery, as well as White Chocolate Pumpkin Snickerdoodles and Cinnamon Chip Pumpkin Cookies from Mucci’s Sweet Treats!! Oh my!!

Plus Acorn Squash from Marrs Produce in Piqua (in addition to their Butternut and Spaghetti Squash!)

BRAND NEW PRODUCT… 100% pure Beeswax from Troy’s beloved Pumpkin Patch!! In 4 sizes at incredible prices!! You love their Honey – how many ways can you utilize clean, beautiful Beeswax!!

Essential potted herbs from Chez Nous Farm, including Rosemary and Cilantro (and look for the return of her delicious raspberries)!

And Michael’s Pastured Poultry now has Certified Organic Chicken Drums and Breasts to offer!

Plus King’s Poultry is offering their Non-stop GMO Ground Chicken Patties 20% off!! Whoa!! Talk about the perfect easy meal!!

Finally, 6635 StudeBaker is back with her organic sourdough bread!

Ah, decisions, decisions :-)

Here's to a new week, with a new drawing!

The Gift Basket Giveaway was too fun to do only once a year – so now each month we’ll have a smaller drawing for any customer to participate who orders during that month!

Up for grabs first… a 100% grassfed Beef Rib Steak and an organically raised pastured Ham Steak from End of the Road Farm! Anyone placing an order from now until the end of October is eligible to win!!

Plus new this week… Butternut and Spaghetti Squash from Marrs Produce in Piqua!!

Only one more week to order from Honey Creek Farm before she goes on an extended trip til the end of October! So get your fix of Mexican Pecan Cookies, Baklava, Jams, and her fresh produce now!!

And no worries, 6635 StudeBaker will return next week, after completion of her new summer kitchen!

We can hardly wait to sit it during her Open House this Fall!! She’ll announce the Date soon!!

Happy Fall, and Thank You for continuing to support our local producers, artisans, and farmers!

And the winners are...!!!

I am SO exciting to be able to announce the winners of this year’s Gift Basket Giveaway!!

English Tea – Veronica Welch

Grilling #1 – Sarah Conover

Grilling #2 – Mike Hall

Homemaker’s – Denise van Zile

Breakfast #1 – JoAnn Oak

Breakfast #2 – Kirsta McElfresh

Congratulations to our Winners, and a big Thank You to everyone who entered!!

Watch for our next Giveaway coming up in October! :-)

Other exciting news this week…

King’s Poultry Farm is offering their delicious Chicken Pot Pies for $12 this week!! 20% off!!

And Michael’s Pastured Poultry has added new Organic Whole Broilers, Backs, and Wings back on the Market!! Yay!!

So much more Produce for you this week, from Lettuce and Squash to Pac Choi and Peppers, plus new Live Plants from Honey Creek Farm!!

And the Grumpy Goat Experiment has all kinds of new soaps to offer, plus the return of some of their most popular!!

Ah I love this Market :-)