Sacred Rosie


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Sacred Rosie Serum was created because we wanted high quality skin care products made with only the highest quality essential oils and pure and safe, natural ingredients. It begins with a synergy of five high frequency oils that nourish and heal skin types of all ages while taking the senses to a higher state of peacefulness and wellbeing. Like yoga in a bottle.

Ingredients: Secret blend of the highest quality essential oils, organic emu oil, organic beeswax.

SERUM: a creamy liquid (emu oil and essential oils only) for face, hands, body. Absorbs quickly for daytime moisturizing or anytime additional moisturizing is desired.

STICK: may be used same as the serum. Toss it in your purse for when you need something thicker, for cold-weather protection, or for calloused areas such as heels and elbows.

SALVE: a medium between serum and stick. Also a purse tosser. Wonderful for night cream treatments.

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